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Get super-fast Fiber Internet, reliable Wi-Fi for your whole home, clear video calls with symmetrical upload and download speeds, and the freedom that comes from no data caps. All for a transparent, everyday price you can count on! Don’t settle for subpar Internet, experience the power of NorthState. Plans starting at $59.99.mo.

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Do you want to transfer a number from another carrier? ?

Do you want to transfer a number from another carrier?

Make calls during a power outage with battery backup.

Fiber Voice service requires electrical power at your home to operate. NorthState offers a battery backup solution for a one-time charge of $200. With a fully-charged battery, you will have at least 24 hours of backup battery power for emergency voice services, including Emergency 911 service. For an additional charge multiple batteries may be purchased to provide up to 24 hours of backup battery power. Click here for product specifications. Replacement batteries (model PS36L-P7) are available at certain retailers.To order or inquire further about this product, please use NorthState’s chat service or call 336-886-3600 to talk to one of our service representatives.

There are a number of considerations to make as you consider whether or not to purchase battery backup service from NorthState. Since your Fiber Voice service requires electric power to operate, during a power outage you will not be able to make or receive calls without a backup power source or an alternative like a cell phone. The Battery Backup solution provided by NorthState is only intended to be used with NorthState’s Fiber Voice service and will not power cordless phones, other devices, including those that assist customers with disabilities or home security systems, or your internet or TV service. During a power outage, please use your voice service only for emergency calls to preserve your battery power. NorthState will not provide credits and is not liable for service interruptions due to power outages. There may be other commercially available sources of backup power, such as a generator or an uninterruptible power source that may provide backup power for your voice service. Please consult the manufacturers of those types of devices for more information about their functions and capabilities.

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    $ 0.00 / mo

    Price does not include taxes and additional fees.

    Price includes $0.00 in regulatory fees.

    Additional one-time fee of $75 for standard installation will be added to your first bill.

    Standard Regulatory Fees

    Internet Recovery Fee

    This fee is to partially recover the various fees for maintaining the networks which are associated with bringing Internet services to your home.

    Broadcast Surcharge

    NorthState, as well as all TV providers, pays fees to broadcasters so we can televise their programming to you. Since 2014 the fees NorthState pays to broadcasters have increased almost 100% and these increases have come from practically all broadcasters. The Broadcast Surcharge paid by all NorthState video customers offsets a portion of those increases. We negotiate to keep these costs down and continually evaluate the popularity of channels versus the cost to carry them. By showing Broadcast Surcharge on your bill we want to be sure you’re aware of where these price increases come from. More information can be found at ww.TVonmyside.com.

    Video Recovery Fee

    Applies to all residential and business video customers. This fee covers the cost of license fees.

    FCC Regulatory Video Fee

    Fee collected annually by the FCC from all video providers to reimburse the FCC for administering its regulatory responsibilities under the Communications Act of 1934.

    $ / mo

    Price does not include taxes and additional fees.

    Price includes $0.00 in regulatory fees.

    Additional one-time fee of $75 for standard installation will be added to your first bill.

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    Note: Special instructions may require additional installation time which may impact the installation date. There may be additional charges for services beyond basic installation. We may need to contact you to ensure we understand your instructions.

    Why choose NorthState?

    High-Speed Fiber Internet

    NorthState’s Fiber Internet is lightning-fast with larger bandwidth. Fiber connectivity brings you dependability and stunning clarity, so your life runs without interruptions.

    Reliable Home Wi-Fi Network

    Rely on a strong Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. Get as many access points as you need, so all your friends and family can connect their wireless devices to stream, game and surf confidently.

    Symmetrical Speeds

    With symmetrical upload and download speeds, you’ll enjoy clear and reliable video chats, a smooth gaming experience, and lighting-fast uploads for photos and videos.

    24/7 Local Support

    Our exceptional customer service team is here around the clock to keep you and your devices connected. Talk to real people and get your questions answered and problems solved.

    New residential customers only. Displayed rates require purchase of listed services as described. Available in serviceable areas only. Credit qualifications apply. The rate of $59.99 per month includes up to 200 Mbps (upload) x 200 Mbps (download) Fiber Internet. The rate of $74.99 per month includes up to 500 Mbps (upload) x 500 Mbps (download) Fiber Internet. The rate of $89.99 per month includes up to 1 Gbps (upload) x 1 Gbps (download) Fiber Internet. Charges are billed in advance and pro-rated for partial months. Internet speeds are up to maximum advertised upload and download speed available. Speeds in all locations may vary and are not guaranteed. Customer is responsible for any and all additional charges, including but not limited to taxes, surcharges, installation, On Demand, other pay-per-view services and non-returned equipment. See residential Terms & Conditions at northstate.net and call 336-884-6596 for additional details. Subject to applicable law, NorthState may change, re-arrange, add, delete or otherwise modify any service and pricing at any time, with or without prior notice. Customer may cancel at any time with 3 working days’ notice. All NorthState equipment must be returned to NorthState prior to any termination of services. ©2021 NorthState. All rights reserved.