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Preparing for the Hybrid Work Environment

March 9, 2021
“COVID-19 has broken through cultural and technological barriers that prevented remote work in the past, setting in motion a structural shift in where work takes place, at least for some people.” – McKinsey and Company* When, where, and how Americans work will never be the same.  The COVID-19 pandemic put the slow adoption of hybrid… read more

The Fiber Factor: How Property Developers Can Build a Foundation of Success for Multi-Family Dwellings and Mixed-Use Properties

February 2, 2021
For many, healthy competition stokes personal and professional fires.  The desire to be the best, to promote the brightest and to offer the smartest solution is a constant pursuit for those who endeavor to be at the top of their field.  One industry that is truly driven by competition is real estate.  When providing best-in-class… read more

E-Commerce and the Holidays

December 10, 2020
There are a myriad of ways to describe 2020.  While many of the adjectives used to summarize the year certainly would not be positive, there are a few descriptive terms that speak to some of the positive attributes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Words like, agility, flexibility and resourcefulness come to mind as ways… read more

Symmetrical Speeds

November 10, 2020
“The search for symmetry, and the emotional pleasure we derive when we find it, must help us make sense of the seasons and the reliability of friendships.  Symmetry is also economy.  Symmetry is simplicity.” – Alan Lightman* It is scientifically proven that symmetry is pleasing – to the eye, to the psyche and to one’s… read more

Simple Security Measures to Protect Your Data

October 23, 2020
Imagine a world without email.  It is nearly impossible.  Despite its relatively recent inception – email did not become widely available and adopted until the late 1990’s – email is now a ubiquitous part of our daily routine.  The information we receive via email is generally important and useful – banking updates, billing statements, shipment… read more

NorthState is becoming Lumos

We’re changing our name from NorthState to Lumos. And bringing North Carolina and Virginia 100% Fiber Optic Internet that’s built from the ground up. With the fastest uploads. The fastest downloads. The fastest Internet, period.

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