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Lightning-fast internet.
Crystal-clear TV.
Fiber makes it possible.

With fiber Internet and fiber TV in your home, you'll enjoy blazing gigabit internet speeds and more than 250 reliable, high-definition TV channels.

  • Fiber Internet
    Download speeds up to 1 Gbps
    Upload speeds up to 1 Gbps
    Tech Home Protect Included
    100 Mbps x 100 Mbps available
  • #
    Choose your Fiber Internet speed
    Add 250+ Fiber TV Channels (if you need them)
    Pick a free upgrade or two to sweeten the deal
  • Fiber TV
    More than 250 channels + HD included
    1 TV receiver
    TV2GO - watch select channels anywhere
  • Fiber Internet and TV
    Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
    More than 250 channels + HD included
    TV2Go-watch select channels anywhere
    Upgrade to Gigabit for $20/mo more
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  • Gigabit Speed Icon


    Internet download speeds up to 1 Gbps, upload speeds up to 1 Gbps – enough to power every tablet, laptop, gaming system and streaming device in your home.

  • Stunning HD Icon


    Transform your home into front row seats to your favorite movies, TV shows and sporting events—all in beautiful high definition.

  • Technology Icon


    Make your world more seamless and efficient with things like in-home Wi-Fi, wireless TV receivers, enhanced DVR and NorthState TV2GO.

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How Fast is Gigabit Internet?

With fiber and gigabit Internet, you'll experience the Web at unprecedented speeds.
Gigabit internet allows download speeds that leave other connections in the dust.

Simulate download of a 500MB file at different download speeds*
50 Mbps
20 Mbps
15 Mbps

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