NorthState Business Fax


NorthState Business Fax

Use cloud-based NorthState Business® Fax for a more productive business.

NorthState Business Fax is a cloud-based, fax hosting solution that substantially increases the ease and efficiency of delivering fax communications over business networks. Its dynamic services include automatic tracking, documentation, and archiving of transmissions, making it ideal for businesses mandated to prove compliance with industry regulations. Replace fax machines with NorthState Business Fax and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Do more than just send & receive faxes.

Users access NorthState Business Fax via a web browser with login credentials to:

  • Choose cover sheets
  • Print to fax
  • Track messages
  • Archive inbound and outbound messages
  • View audit trail information per message
  • Generate reports
  • Pull information to aid proof of regulation compliance

These NorthState Business Fax advantages will save you time and money:

  1. Cloud-based operations allow users to send and receive faxes simultaneously from any computer or mobile device with Internet connection, both in and outside of the office. All messages are automatically archived and available for future reference.
  2. Phone line and fax board costs are eliminated.
  3. Proof of mandated compliance and company security protocols are greatly aided by audit trails documenting sender/receiver addresses, delivery confirmation, date, time, undeliverable alerts, and more.
  4. Print-to-fax capability lets users fax directly from applications, without first printing the document.
  5. Fax image encryption keeps your messages secure.
  6. HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant.
  7. Scalable packages based on the number of users means you pay only for what your business needs.

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