A productive business is a thriving business. Increase your productivity with ISDN PRI from NorthState.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a smart way for business to give their productivity a boost, simply by turning your voice service into a single, all-digital networking service. This technology delivers ISDN data capabilities, the clarity of digital voice, and is a direct connection to NorthState’s powerful local network.

When you choose NorthState’s Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service, you’re choosing a higher level of productivity for your business. This simple merging of voice and data into a single, all-digital networking service gives you powerful local access, clear digital voice and ISDN data capabilities — all on a single T-1 line. It’s a powerful tool that doesn’t require the additional expense of multiple dedicated circuits.

ISDN PRI comes with a lot of benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and improved quality
  • Enhanced voice and data capabilities at an affordable price
  • Uses your existing standard phone cabling
  • Extends the life of existing Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems

NorthState’s PRI technology connects businesses like yours directly to our dependable local network. It offers high-speed, high-capacity digital connectivity, intelligent call handling and Caller ID functionality, making it a smart choice for business offices already using a PBX, as well as for large call centers. Its features include:

  • High-speed, two-way bandwidth
  • Single phone lines that can support multiple numbers
  • Fast, error-free transmissions
  • Dynamically allocated channels

And when you choose ISDN PRI from NorthState, you immediately have access to our world-class, local support and customer service. No matter the time, no matter the day, we are available to answer any questions you need, troubleshoot any issues you have, or adjust your service to meet your business’s changing needs.

“ We don’t have to use NorthState, we get to use NorthState. ”
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