Cloud Voice


Cloud Voice

Take your voice service into the future. Boost your business with the advanced features of NorthState Cloud Voice®.

Cloud Voice gives you the convenience of traditional phone service and packs in a variety of advanced features, messaging and more by using your fiber connection. This powerful phone system requires no up-front equipment costs or infrastructure investments, and, because it works like a traditional phone, there is no learning curve to start using it properly.

Cloud Voice from NorthState features a per-user pricing model, making it ideal for companies that don’t have their own internal IT team. This model means you only pay for what you need.

A single monthly fee from our tiered service plan covers:

  • A user license
  • IP Telephone Set
  • Warranty and ongoing maintenance
  • Security patches
  • Upgrade implementation

With Cloud Voice, you’ll have unparalleled flexibility, enabling you and your employees to communicate from anywhere. Your tailored voice solutions are hosted in the cloud, and your data is stored on a secure server that is connected through the Internet. This allows us to replace the traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) with a hosted Internet Protocol Voice services.

Once you’ve implemented Cloud Voice, you’ll quickly notice an increase in employee productivity. Your staff can communicate with each other and customers from virtually any device and location, meaning everyone is accessible from different offices, out in the field, during travel or while working remotely.

NorthState’s Cloud Voice service is scalable by design, so if your business needs change, we make it easy to keep up with your new communications needs. Our highly skilled technicians provide top-shelf installation and management, and our 24/7 support staff and customer service is always available to answer and questions and solve any problems.

Your service comes with a variety of other features, such as:

  • Integrated voice and email solutions
  • Optional automated attendant
  • Voicemail sent directly to your email inbox
  • And much more!

Cloud Voice® is a trademark of North State Telephone Company or its affiliates, registered in the U.S.

“ NorthState’s Cloud Voice network keeps all of our people connected and communication seamless. ”
Donald Moore President
Greensboro Grasshoppers

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