Dedicated Fiber Internet

In business, connectivity matters. Maximize your availability and uptime with NorthState Dedicated Fiber Internet.

No matter the size of your company, fast, reliable communications is of the utmost importance to compete in today’s business landscape. With Dedicated Fiber Internet from NorthState, you’ll enjoy the assurance of being able to send and receive large files at lightning-fast speeds.

Dedicated Fiber Internet means our fiber-optic network is delivered directly to your front door. You’ll have reliable availability based on NorthState’s service level agreements (SLAs), which state that our IP network will be available and capable of performing properly 99.9% of the time. Because when you’re running a business, it is imperative that your Internet is performing as expected.

With Dedicated Fiber Internet, your business will have its own, private connection to some of the fastest Internet available. Not only will you be able to upload and download files at incredibly high speeds from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps, the streaming video and voice you rely upon comes through with remarkable clarity, even with a high number of connected users.

No matter day, no matter the time, NorthState Dedicated Fiber Internet always has the very best service. And because it is delivered through our fiber-optic network, it is far more reliable than cable Internet, and it’s better protected against common cable Internet issues like power outages, water damage, temperature changes and electrical interference.

If you’re a business that needs the freedom of private Fiber Internet, you’re a business that takes security seriously. Dedicated Fiber Internet is remarkably more secure than cable, as it is not nearly as susceptible to line taps and data interceptions. And because fiber-optics emit visible light when transmitting, it’s much easier to identify any compromised lines.

Also, because business needs can turn on a dime, NorthState makes it easy to increase your bandwidth on short notice. So if you ever find yourself with the need for more bandwidth, our team of world-class technicians can provide quick, professional installation and management. Businesses have to adapt to stay competitive, and we help make that happen.

Of course, you’ll have 24/7 access to NorthState’s renowned customer service. If you ever have a question or an issue, just reach out to speak with a professional, local customer service agent, and we’ll get things exactly the way your business needs them to be. Every business has to work hard to thrive in today’s climate, and we have the tools to support your success.

“ Gigabit Fiber Internet from NorthState is amazing! ”
Ross Windsor Plant Controller
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