Business Wi-Fi

The costs of running a business shouldn’t include lost productivity. Get the connectivity you need with NorthState Business Wi-Fi.

To maximize productivity, your staff should be able to connect to the Internet via their smartphones and other devices no matter where they are in your facility. Customers and clients should be easily able to access the Internet too. That’s why NorthState offers a Wi-Fi network that gives your business dependable wireless Internet all day, every day.

To create a dependable, robust wireless network in your business, NorthState offers a Wi-Fi mesh network that is easy to install and manage. It gives you the best available coverage and capacity, whether you’re just checking email or streaming hi-resolution video. And the type of facility doesn’t matter — we can handle large square footage (such as a warehouse), multiple rooms or shops (such as a mall), or outdoor operations (such as open-air markets).

NorthState Business Wi-Fi doesn’t succumb to erratic disconnections, buffering or underperformance. With our intelligent automatic mesh, we’re able to consistently assess the best path for each signal across intelligent access points. This means your customers and employees can connect in areas that were once considered Wi-Fi dead zones.

Our system uses “per-packet” routing through the most direct path from the Internet or another mesh point to work with each user. This allows your network to be completely flexible, never using static routes that could be wasteful. By constantly reevaluating clients, applications and data flows, NorthState is able to maximize your wireless network capabilities.

Generally, Wi-Fi devices automatically send their signal using the strongest radio frequency available, but this is not always the best choice to make, and your service can suffer as a result. With our dynamic frequency steering, NorthState Business Wi-Fi sets uses up on the most optimal frequencies — even when the user is moving around a highly differentiated site.

And because this is NorthState, you’ll have 24/7 access to our team of local and knowledgeable customer service representatives all year long. Our dedicated and friendly reps are always standing by to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise, and they’re always happy to help. They can help you increase your bandwidth, add or remove features, or help you troubleshoot any issues.

“ Achieving peak efficiency is never a question. ”
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