Fiber Internet

To keep up with today’s competitive landscape, you need internet that can do the same.

Dependable businesses require dependable internet. That’s why NorthState Business® offers a variety of fiber internet solutions for businesses of any size. Upload and download at amazing speeds up to one gigabit per second, both internally and across distances, and enjoy high quality delivery of streaming video and voice. Plus, compared to cable, fiber internet is giving customers a whole new level of reliability, meaning your business can operate during situations that would bring cable customers to a halt.


Fiber Internet

Join the next generation of businesses with next-generation Fiber Internet designed to meet your needs. Fast and dependable, Fiber Internet gives you the freedom to move large files with remarkable speed and increase overall productivity, and our service is easily scalable if your business needs change.

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Dedicated Fiber Internet

Maximize your connectivity with secure Fiber Internet. Not only can you send and receive large files with incredible speed, you’ll take comfort in NorthState’s commitment to delivering the robust network availability your business requires all day, every day.

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NorthState Business WiFi

Increase your overall productivity with a WiFi network that allows your employees to stay connected on their smartphones, tablets and computers, no matter where they are in your facility. Plus, with WiFi from NorthState, customers and clients visiting your business can effortlessly connect to the internet whenever necessary.

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Dedicated Ethernet

Extend your business’s network by connecting individual office sites. With Dedicated Ethernet from NorthState, you can easily connect local area networks (LANs), giving you the bandwidth you need to quickly and conveniently connect over multiple sites. Even the most bandwidth-heavy applications like large data transfers, video streaming and cloud computing are easily usable and accessible.

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“ Our Fiber Internet is amazing, and having expert local support keeps us purring along every day. ”
Jonathan Marquez Business Manager
Northwood Animal Hospital

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