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Upgrade your phone capabilities with powerful Phone Systems from NorthState.

Today’s phones can do so much more than send and receive calls. When you partner with NorthState, your business will have access to remarkable Phone Systems from Avaya and ESI. Move your business forward with upgraded phone equipment that can simplify the way communications and collaboration works at your business.

NorthState understands some businesses have a need for a more robust phone system. That is why we offer powerful phone systems from Avaya and ESI. Whether it’s voice, video, message, conferencing or calendars, these products can greatly enhance your communications capabilities, as well as your overall productivity.

With Avaya IP Office™, your business can go from being connected to being productive, all while creating interactions that deliver meaningful results. With its wide array of features, your staff can begin to take a more active role in creating value that will impress your customers as much as it impresses you.

Avaya IP Office’s key capabilities include:

  • Flexible deployment – migrate from on-premise to hybrid deployments when the time is right for you
  • All-in-one communications and collaboration – With Avaya Equinox, you’ll have a single app that delivers voice, video, messaging, conference and calendar
  • Cost-saving applications – reduce your monthly costs with built-in audio and video conferencing, voice and instant messaging, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Complete mobility solutions – It doesn’t matter if your employees are traveling, working remotely or simply in another location, IP Office has the intuitive tools and apps to keep them available, engaged and productive
  • Applications integration – you can embed communication tools into the applications you already have and use, like Salesforce, Google, Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for business
  • Distinctive customer contact – enjoy integrated voice, web chat, email, fax and reporting capabilities that support sophisticated customer interactions

IP Office is also highly reliable and secure — it reduces security threats, toll fraud and more. Plus, its scalability allows it to grow along with your business. You can support up to 3,000 users at up to 150 networked sites. Simply select the features that are right for you today, then make the changes you need as your business grows and the competitive landscape changes.

And with the ESI-50 Communications Server, you get a simple-yet-sophisticated phone system that delivers digital functionality and IP-to-the-desktop in any combination. With a variety of capacity choices, there will be a model that just right for your business.

The ESI-50 Communications Server’s key capabilities include:

  • Designed to handle both IP-based and digital
  • A standards-based design (including SIP support)
  • ESI’s handy Verbal User Guide™
  • A six-level, 100-branch automated attendant
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • ESI phones
  • Optional IP-based features such as Esi-Link™, which combines up to 100 ESI systems into one

The ESI-50 Communications Server is also highly scalable to fit your changing needs. Plus, the Base Cabinet and optional “piggybacking” Expansion Cabinet are wall-mountable will not take up much space in your phone closet.

With either Avaya IP Office or the ESI-50 Communications Server, you’ll get a low-cost phone system with high-value capabilities, enabling to your business to operate at a much more competitive level.

And because NorthState knows how upgrading a phone system can be difficult on a budget, we can offer financing options that allow you to stay up to date on rapidly changing phone technology without the up-front financial burden of purchasing new equipment.

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