Fiber Internet + Tech Office Bundle

Give your business the comfort of speed and security with NorthState’s Fiber Internet + Tech Office Bundle.

With NorthState’s Fiber Internet + Tech Office Bundle, you get to enjoy the benefits of speed and security wrapped up into a single bill. Fiber Internet will give you blazing-fast Internet, while Tech Office keeps you secure, allowing your business to operate at its full potential without the worry of ransomware, malware or hacks.

With NorthState’s dependable Fiber Internet, you can reap the benefits of Internet speeds from 50–100 Mbps. With that kind of quickness, you upload and download with incredible efficiency, enabling you and your employees to send and receive files in just a matter of seconds. Because in today’s competitive business world, seconds matter.

Fiber is also much more secure than cable. Hackers are far less likely to tap connections into it, and data transmissions are much more difficult to intercept along a fiber-optic line. Plus, it is vastly more reliable than more traditional Internet sources, working well under conditions that spell trouble for cable, such as:

  • Power outages
  • Water damage
  • Change in temperature
  • Electrical interference

And with Tech Office in the mix, you are free to focus on your business without the worry of common computer attacks.

Licensed on a per-seat basis, this all-in-one security solutions protects your business with:

  • Professional setup and installation
  • Anti-virus, spam, ransomware and phishing
  • Personal firewall
  • 500GB–1TB of cloud backup
  • Mobile versions for mobile devices
  • Password and data manager
  • 24/7/365 premium technical support

Tech Office also features advanced protection from targeted attacks and spear-phishing. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind you have knowing you’re protected against advanced malware, zero-day threats and document exploits. NorthState Tech Office also delivers remote, web-based deployment and training, and our centralized control for your Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices enables you to easily see what’s happening in real time.

You’ll even be able to set up URL filtering to ensure your employees are staying productive during their time in the office, rather than losing quality work hours surfing the web. And with our optional, robust reporting, you’ll always be aware of what has been going on, even when you weren’t watching.

NorthState’s Fiber Internet + Tech Office bundle is designed to be scalable, meaning we can increase your bandwidth or add security measures as the needs of your business change. And if you should ever have a question or an issue, we have a highly knowledgeable support staff on hand 24/7 to give you the answers and solutions you need, any day of the year.

“ It’s a high-paced environment here, so we need the best technology. ”
Jonathan Marquez Business Manager
Northwood Animal Hospital

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