What does custom installation involve?

If the existing wiring cannot be used in your home and you request more than the standard installation, the installer will advise you of the cost prior to doing the work required. A custom installation may require the installer to pull wires through the walls of your home. This is known as “fishing.” This process can be difficult and take considerable time to complete. Wall fishing can only be completed on walls that do not contain insulation. Depending on the construction of your home, there may be insulation in some interior walls. Your installer will advise you of your options prior to beginning your installation and provide you with an estimate of the services required.

NorthState installers will not move or add outlets to rental properties without the written consent of the landlord or owner of the property. It is up to the subscriber to have all written permissions in hand at the time of installation. For more information about custom installations, call us at 336.886.3600.