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Our History

North State was initially established as High Point Telephone Exchange by local businessmen in 1895. In 1899, J.F. Hayden, an inventor and visionary who had earlier pioneered the first telephone system in neighboring Thomasville, purchased the High Point company and rapidly began expanding both systems.

Our History

In 1905, Hayden incorporated the High Point-based company and changed the name to North State Telephone Company. In 1919, Hayden purchased High Point's competing Southern Bell system, which had been operating since 1907. In 1920, North State earned broad recognition when it became the first telephone company in the state to install the automatic-dial system.

1929, the company purchased the Randleman telephone system. The company continued its pattern of innovation and growth when the Thomasville company was merged into North State in 1935.

North State continues to operate from a High Point headquarters as one of the nation's 15 largest integrated communications companies. North State continues to build upon a full range of personal, home and business products and services, including broadband Internet, voice services, digital television services, business advertising, data and IP-based business services. The company's reach extends over a broad area of the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina, including the communities of High Point, Thomasville, Archdale, Randleman, Jamestown, Trinity, Greensboro and Kernersville.

North State maintains a robust network comprising more than 68,000 miles of high-capacity fiber optic facilities used to carry everything from voice and broadband Internet services to networking and IP services as well as critical back-up and disaster recovery data for businesses.

North State serves the complex needs of some of the Triad's largest employers.

As technology advances, North State will continue to grow and innovate, always operating in the forward-thinking spirit in which it was established under the guidance of J.F. Hayden's progressive business mind.

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